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We make workforce management easy

Easy to acquire

Our products are available as a leased service. There are no large purchases, no maintenance fees, and no upgrade charges. Just a monthly lease payment that is more than offset by the high return on investment you will realize from our solutions.

Easy to implement

We carefully design our products to allow you to easily adjust the settings to reflect the realities of your operating environment. Our solutions can be implemented in a matter of days, not months. Since our solutions are web-based, we host them for you, no need to further burden your own IT resources.

Easy to use

All of our products have been designed with the user in mind. You will find that even the novice user will easily be able to navigate through our intuitive user interfaces. Every effort has been made to provide simple, yet flexible and powerful solutions to meet your resource management needs.

Why choose our products?


100% web-based applications available anywhere with an internet connection and web browser


Eliminate manual schedule changes and paper work


All scheduling information is in one place


Flexible rules can vary by work group or by employee


Automated e-mail notifications keep users informed of updates


Intuitive and user friendly

We offer two time-saving solutions

To manage shift-based schedules

  • Features
  • Assign shifts using fixed schedules (bid lines), weekly schedules, or individually
  • Import bid lines or manually create within RosterApps
  • Build weekly schedules with an intuitive, excel-like interface containing useful employee availability information
  • Employee self-service for shift bidding, vacation bidding, trade requests, time off requests, overtime requests, and more
  • Supervisors can approve/deny requests, assign overtime, mark employees late or absent, and more
  • Administrators can create shift and vacation bids, manage employee information, and more
  • Tracking for attendance incidents and work history
  • For more information about RosterApps, visit the website.

To manage extended engagements or tours

  • Features
  • Sophisticated tour generation capabilities based on your demand and preferences
  • Coverage reports help verify that requirements are being met and maintained
  • Analyze different tour scenarios to establish the most efficient staffing solution for a given demand set
  • Employee self-service for tour bidding, tour trade requests, time off requests, and more
  • Supervisors can approve/deny trade requests, approve/deny time off requests, assign tours, and more
  • Administrators can create and manage locations, equipment groups, employee qualifications and information, and more
  • Best fit scheduling can be calculated by entering demand and staffing scenarios
  • For more information about RotationApps, contact us.

We provide staffing analysis services

We offer experienced third-party evaluations of staffing levels based on either current or forecasted levels of operation. While every assignment is unique, a typical project may include data collection, requirements analysis, results validation, scenario (”what-if”) testing, and report presentation.



Supplement your in-house staff with industry experts who produce quick results


Get an outside opinion during sensitive budget exercises


Evaluate several alternatives using advanced software tools


Receive an optimized set of bid lines that minimize labor cost while meeting service objectives

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